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Zero cost team building with virtual assistants

Every tradie will tell you that one of the biggest challenges of growing their business is finding the right team.

Finding the time to find the right fit team members cost effectively, then training, leading and HR managing them on a day to day basis. It can be a full time job in itself.

Yet the time and resource invested can be the single factor which determines your long term business success. How the whole team works together and delivers the service determines customer satisfaction which ultimately drives whether your revenue grows or it does not. It’s critical for a long term strategy, customer loyalty and referral business.

The solution may well be to set yourself up with your own virtual assistant team to help take away admin tasks and free your time up to work on growing your business. The idea of this may be new to you, working with a remote team overseas; yet it is one of the most cost effective options to consider.

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Overseas Teams is a company that was created by its Founder, Kelly Mackay, to help small to medium size businesses establish and manage their very own team of remote staff in the Philippines. Over five years ago, his manufacturing business slowly built up a team of 30 virtual assistants to complement his Queensland based company and allowed it to grow to over three times its size today.

“For a business to successfully grow getting the right team in place is a non-negotiable” Kelly says. “You need to be able to find the right staff and do that cost effectively. We have the experience to know what good looks like in the Philippines. We also have the experience of knowing what a headache, financial and time-consuming process it can be to hire the right staff.”

“We believe our success comes when we help other businesses succeed and grow. That’s why we’ve implemented a one month free trial of a virtual assistant to tradies. There is no obligation, no cost so we’re allowing tradies to be risk free in a critical decision making process. They can trial the staff and essentially trial us, as ultimately if the virtual assistant is placed on a permanent basis we will then also manage the talent from an HR point of view. It’s a stress free approach to team building for the long term win.”

In addition to sourcing high-performing staff, companies like Overseas Teams take away the pain and confusion of trying to operate in another country by providing comprehensive support throughout the entire process.​

“We offer training and guidance to help you integrate your overseas team members into your existing workforce. Our experienced HR team manages your talent on a day-to-day basis, ensuring a smooth and seamless transition. This means that even if you don’t have prior HR experience, you can still take advantage of the benefits of building an overseas team because we do it for you!” said Head of Client Services, Natalia Lawczys.

If you’re looking to build, scale, and thrive in today’s competitive environment, Overseas Teams can help you find the staff you need to achieve your goals. Their team is ready to assist you in finding the right talent to help you grow and succeed.

For more information on how Overseas Teams can help you build a high-performing overseas team, call 07 5636 6291 today or visit https://www.overseasteams.com.au/virtual-assistant-for-tradies.

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