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Work like a Ninja in these gloves

When commonplace, traditional gloves simply won’t do, Ninja’s® range of premium gloves provide an aggressive approach to your hand protection challenges.

Ninja’s® new comfortable and tough range of gloves has been scientifically designed with the latest advanced coatings and materials to ensure the very best in hand protection and comfort.

How Do Ninja Do This?

Coated seamless gloves provide better movement, fit and comfort because there are no seams to irritate the hand. Ninja® knit its gloves from a variety of high-performance fibres to obtain the physical properties required in a premium glove. Always on the cutting edge, Ninja® also use the strongest cut-resistant yarns including Kevlar®, for 360-degree cut protection.

These seamless liners are then dipped or flow-coated with various polymers such as nitrile, silicone, PVC plastisols or PU. This procedure provides improved protective properties resulting in increased degrees of grip, durability, flexibility, and moisture/splash protection.

One such unique coating innovation by Ninja® is the NFT or New Foam Technology, which is included on many of Ninja’s gloves, and offers the most advanced comfort, lightweight feel and durability that make the gloves act like a second skin. 

Ninja’s Razr Slash-Tec Cut Protection Gloves

Unmatched in protection, comfort and durability, the Ninja® Razr Slash-Tec range includes a premium Cut D glove (DA4), a more superior Cut F glove (FA6) as well as a Cut F glove that offers impact protection to the back of the hands (FA6-Impact).

The Ninja® Slash-Tec range is highly suited to a variety of trades and industries and is well known for their comfort, breathability, and lightweight nature, making them easy to wear for long periods of time.

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