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Why tradies choose these chisels and scrapers

Warren & Brown Tools presents a premium selection of hand tools and accessories tailored for automotive, industrial, and trade applications.

Its inventory continues to expand, featuring Impact Scrapers, Bend Impact Scrapers, and Quick Lock Razor Scrapers in various sizes ranging from 20mm to 32mm. These tools are indispensable for professional work or home DIY projects.

Crafted from high-quality stainless steel 420 J2, Warren & Brown’s scrapers excel in removing labels and decals from glass and windshields. The ergonomic handle ensures maximum grip and comfort during use. Each scraper comes with an additional heavy-duty .020-inch razor blade, twice as thick as a standard one.

Quite the arsenal

Explore Warren & Brown’s range of products including torque setting equipment, hand tools & accessories, soldering equipment, workshop, garage & service equipment, wheel torque setting equipment, and cylinder head reconditioning equipment. Enjoy fast delivery across Australia.

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For further details, browse Warren & Brown’s product range or locate your nearest distributor at Don’t forget to use Promo code TRADIE at checkout for a 10 per cent discount on your next purchase! Offer valid until May 31, 2023.

Cold chisel

Elevate your toolkit with Warren and Brown Tools – setting you apart with quality and innovation for over a century. Warren & Brown’s torque wrenches are industry benchmarks, and Warren & Brown’s scrapers are unrivaled for label and decal removal from glass and windshields.

Chisel Impact Scraper: Crafted from robust 420 J2 stainless steel, these heavy-duty scrapers tackle various household and industrial tasks with ease. The 1.2mm thick blade of the chisel impact scraper effortlessly clears mixed debris, while the bend impact scraper’s 2.5mm thick blade is perfect for stubborn adhesives. Both scrapers feature comfortable handles for enhanced grip and can be used manually or with a hammer or mallet.

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Quick Lock Razor Scraper: Ideal for demanding jobs, the Quick Lock Razor Scraper boasts a 0.20-inch thick razor blade, double the thickness of a standard one. Its ergonomic handle ensures a secure grip, and it comes in short and long lengths to suit different requirements.

In addition to torque wrenches and scrapers, WB Tools offers an extensive range of hand tools, soldering equipment, workshop gear, wheel torque setting devices, and cylinder head reconditioning equipment.

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