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Why this camera is a dream for plumbers and sparkies

For electricians and plumbers, needing to see what’s inside plumbing and walling is part of everyday work.

Introducing Bosch’s GIC 5-27C and GIC 4-23C Professional inspection cameras – game-changers for HVAC/plumbers and electricians as well as mechanics and other inspection-based trades.

Clear viewing

The GIC 5-27C is an ergonomic marvel, boasting a spacious 5” display with an impressive high-definition resolution of 1280×720 pixels, delivering crystal-clear visuals for thorough inspections of pipes, ducts, and tight spaces.

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Thanks to its innovative AutoUp function, the camera automatically rotates images upright, eliminating any confusion about orientation during use.

Image: Bosch

In particularly concealed spaces such as long pipes or wall cavities, tradies frequently struggle with maintaining orientation while manoeuvring the camera cable. AutoUp proves invaluable, offering users the confidence they need and aiding in accurate image analysis. However, in situations where users have a clear understanding of the camera’s position, such as a car mechanic inserting the cable to a specific depth of around 10 cm, disabling AutoUp may be preferable to view the full-screen image instead.

Built tough to withstand rugged job sites, the 5-27 C flaunts an IP67 rating for the camera head, shielding it from dust and brief water immersion , while the tool itself boasts IP54 dust and splash water protection.

Image: Bosch

See and believe

Meanwhile, the GIC 4-23 C features a generous 4.3” monitor with clear, high-definition imagery at 800×480 pixels, it facilitates swift and intuitive analysis of pipes, ducts, and confined areas. With the Up Indication feature, determining image orientation is a breeze with an arrow showing which way is up. Like its sibling, this ergonomic tool is engineered to tackle demanding job sites and inaccessible spots, boasting an IP67 rating for the camera head and IP54 protection against dust and splashes for the tool itself.

Both the 5-27 C and 4-23 C can save up to 30 images on their internal memory. The 5-27 C can also store videos via a micro SD card. No matter which camera tradies opt for, they’ll be able to clearly inspect tight and hard-to-reach spaces.

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