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What makes Paslode’s latest nailer is a triple threat

Flexibility isn’t something most tools are known for. Well, that’s all about to change as Paslode unleashes its latest Straight TrimMaster™ Upgrade™, which opens up a whole new world for tradies doing both cladding and fix out jobs.

It also represents a new era of innovation, rounding out a modern family of Paslode tools for the modern carpenter.

When it comes to the ultimate trim tool for carpenters, Paslode’s latest Straight Trim-Master stands head and shoulder above its competition.

Image: Paslode

It marks a massive upgrade for tradies working on steel or timber fix outs as well as cladding. Not only does this Straight Trim-Master shoot 16ga and 14ga brads, it also shoots the new 15ga Steel Frame brads as well.

With one tool, tradies can be shooting big 14ga brads for structural cladding, swap over to workhorse 16ga brads for interior work such as skirting boards, and then shoot 15ga Steel Frame brads for steel frame fix outs.

Paslode Innovation and New Product Development Manager Pete Johnston said the Straight TrimMaster truly is the three-in-one package.

“With this tool, you’ve got that flexibility whether you’re working on steel frame houses or timber houses,” he said.

“You’ve got a range of fasteners that can do the job on the inside of the house – timber or steel – as well as the outside of the house.”

Image: Prime Creative Media

Pete added that the newest Straight Trim-Master has been specially designed to make cladding work easier with 14ga brads thanks to it’s new driver pin design. This makes it adept at shooting into fibre cement materials such as James Hardie™ and Weathertex.


Versatility is not the only advantage of the Straight Trim-Master brings to the table. Paslode Australia Product Manager Paul Carter said it uses rigid dosing to ensure each shot is as powerful as the last.

“We used to have a flap on the back that didn’t have these steel prongs,” he said.

“With these steel prongs, it operates similar to an engine carburettor versus fuel injection – it means you’re getting the same amount of fuel every time which means it delivers the same drive to the drive blade.”

Image: Paslode

As with all Paslode tools, the development of  latest Straight Trim-Master relied heavily on the feedback of everyday tradies to fine-tune it.

Image: Paslode

Paul said one pain point consistent for tradies across Australia was older tools would often have more tolerance and leave timber ‘bruised’ after shooting.

“With old tools, the driver blade was slipping off and bruising the timber or moulding,” he said.

“We dug into that to find out why it was happening. As we got closer, we looked at the tolerances around the nose and found that older models had more tolerances left and right with the firing pin.

Image: Paslode

“So, we started to tighten that up which delivered that force really nicely into the nail without slipping off so there’s no bruising on the timber.”

Ironclad(ing) innovation

The Straight Trim-Master marks the latest in Paslode’s journey to update carpenters’ toolkits. Whether it’s the TrimMaster Angle, PPN-Master or Steel Frame Brads – Paslode ensures it brings the best of the modern power tool into each nailer.

Image: Prime Creative Media

“We’re dedicated to professional tradespeople … so we’re always striving to improve the durability and reliability of the tools to work as hard as their user,” Pete said.

“Visually, the whole family looks complete, and on-site it brings it into a more modern look.

“It’s not just about the look though – there are some key benefits that the design principles of the tools such as improved weight and consistent accuracy.”

From ergonomic upgrades to developing specialised driver pins for each tool to maximise shooting power/accuracy – there’s updates at every turn.

Things like converting Paslode’s trim tool range to use grease instead of oil demonstrates the company’s drive to shave as much time off maintenance and stoppages as possible.

Image: Prime Creative Media

“Trim tools are used in a very dusty environment and our aim was to minimise the dust that gets into the cylinder and glugs up the lubricant,” he said.

“On the new trim range, with our factory lubricants, all they need to do is clean the filter and degrease the spark unit and then put it back together.

“It will run as new right up to between 40,000-60,000 shots at which point they can take it into a service agent who’ll replace the grease in the cylinder.”


Paul said he understood many tradies had grown fond of their tools, but when it came time to turn a new leaf, they could do so with the utmost confidence they were getting a true upgrade.

“It’s not uncommon for us to hear from people saying their Paslode tools are 10-15 years old,” Paul said.

“Every now and again, you’ll need to replace them. A lot of tradies have had their Paslode tools since their apprenticeships.

“It’s good to have the visual upgrades in place, but for us it’s more about performance and ensuring that we’re delivering the right tweaks.

“We know our tools are good and are renowned for having long lives, we always want to make improvements on the tools as each new iteration is released(?).”

Image: Prime Creative Media

A pin drop

With the Straight Trim-Master Upgrade, Paslode brings its most unique and versatile tool yet to bear on both fixing and cladding jobs.

It adds to Paslode’s modern wave of cordless power tool and accessories tech, both in completing a visual refresh while paving the path ahead for how tradies can get the job done right.

Find out more about the new Straight Trim-Master and Paslode’s other latest products at paslode.com.au

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