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Weld Australia launches free online safety courses

Weld Australia announced the launch of two free online welder safety training courses for welders and for welding engineers and supervisors.

Weld Australia has announced the launch of two free online welder safety training courses for welders and for welding engineers and supervisors.

The courses cover a broad range of subject material across welding processes. They provide details of hazards that may be encountered and how to manage them in the workplace.

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“Welding is a potentially dangerous process, with many hazards and risks to people’s health,” Weld Australia CEO Geoff Crittenden said.

“These risks are compounded by the fact that welding is undertaken across a wide range of locations and situations, from workshops and field work, through to confined spaces, underground mine sites, and more.”

“Hazards in each of these situations will be different, and require different controls to keep welders and others in close proximity safe. It is critical to manage these risks and hazards so that people working in the welding industry are kept safe and return home at the end of each day without injury.”

“To this end, Weld Australia is pleased to announce the launch of two free online welder safety training courses. Our objective with these courses is to improve safety awareness, knowledge and outcomes right throughout Australia’s welding industry.”

The hierarchy of controls is discussed, with a particular focus on engineering controls and the correct use of personal protective equipment (PPE).

“The courses can be used by companies to enhance their staff induction program to ensure all employees start with a solid foundation in safety practices,” Crittenden said.

“Or, the courses can be used as part of ongoing training to keep employees up-to-date with the latest safety techniques. Regular refreshers help maintain safety awareness, reducing risk of accidents, leading to lower workers’ compensation claims and insurance costs.”

“For welders, undertaking these courses gives you essential knowledge on how to protect yourself from hazards like burns and harmful fumes. Learning about PPE and emergency procedures can be life-saving. By educating yourself, you can contribute to a culture of safety within the welding community. Sharing knowledge with peers, and practicing safe welding can influence others to prioritise safety, reducing welding-related accidents.”

“If you’re a hobbyist welder, safety education is just as important. Our free courses can provide you with the knowledge to safely enjoy welding at home, protecting yourself, your family, and your property,” said Crittenden.

How to access the courses

The courses can be accessed via:

To start the courses, you need an account for Weld Australia’s online training platform. If you don’t already have an account, you can create one via the link in the top right-hand corner of the platform’s homepage.

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