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WB Tools – Scrape it away!

Quality and innovation are at the heart of everything they do, and it’s easy to see when looking through their range of products. By focusing on these two pivotal points, WB Tools has successfully serviced the Australian tools industry for 102 years and counting.

It began with their iconic deflecting beam torque wrenches. Accurate, sturdy, reliable. The success of the torque wrench allowed them to expand, product by product, range by range.

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Today, they introduce to you the premium scraper range. These hand tools are perfect for scraping labels and decals from glass and windshields. All scrapers come with a comfortable handle and are specially designed for maximum grip. Scrapers vary in thicknesses and features depending on the specific needs.


Chisel Impact

Made from stainless steel, these chisel scrapers are built to last. Depending on your job, you can choose from 1.2mm or 2.5mm blade thickness.

Bend Impact Scraper

This high-quality scraper comes with a 2.5mm thick stainless-steel blade. Great for removing debris, residue, labels and other adhesives from metal or glass surfaces.

Quick-Lock Scraper

Choose between the short or long Quick-Lock Scraper to suit your job. An easy blade locking system allows you to switch out blades with ease. The scrapers also include one extra-heavy duty .020-inch razor blade – over twice as thick as a standard razor blade.

As well as torque wrenches and scrapers, the WB Precision Tools comprehensive range has you covered for:

• Torque Setting Equipment
• Hand Tools & Accessories
• Soldering Equipment
• Workshop, Garage & Service Equipment
• Wheel Torque Setting Equipment
• Cylinder Head Reconditioning Equipment
• General Safety
• Merchandise
• Clearance

Purchases are delivered fast, right across Australia.

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