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Wagner tops the lot with HEA tech

When it comes to painting, technique is key. While traditional methods like brushes and rollers have their place, more and more people are turning to paint sprayers for their ease and efficiency.

Wagner is a leader in airless spraying units, with their professional range designed to cover large areas quickly and evenly, including hard-to-reach corners and surfaces.

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One of the features that sets Wagner apart is their patented HEA Airless tip technology. This revolutionary technology reduces overspray by up to 55% by spraying at less than half the normal pressure required. Not only does this mean less wasted paint, but it also allows for better control over the spray pattern and minimises errors. Plus, the lower pressure is gentler on the machine and its components, ensuring a longer lifespan.

So how does it work? By using a pre-tip in combination with an atomisation tip, Wagner’s HEA technology ensures that the material is atomised at the same volume and speed as traditional airless devices, resulting in a soft and feathered spray pattern. This pattern not only provides better coverage but also prevents paint build-up and delivers a high-quality surface. With 17 different tip sizes available, it’s easy to find the right size for any project.

The benefits of Wagner’s HEA technology are clear. With less overspray, maximum control, a longer service life, and a more comfortable user experience, it’s a no-brainer for both professionals and first-timers looking for a high-quality finish.

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