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Wagner – the best in coating

Driven by innovation since 1947 in Germany, Wagner is a leading global manufacturer of equipment and accessories for coating applications. Wagner offers a wide range of products suitable for use in various industrial applications such as powder, liquid, adhesives and sealants. For professional trades, Wagner provides equipment that can cater to small and large projects, which can save you time and money.

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When selecting a paint spraying machine, it is essential to consider a few factors, such as the material you will be coating, the type of machine that best suits your needs, and the frequency and quantity of paint you will be spraying. Most industry professionals prefer to use airless paint spraying technology and Wagner has a variety of machines that are suitable for different budgets.

The Control Pro 350 Extra is an airless paint sprayer that provides maximum control using HEA (High Efficiency Airless) tip technology. This technology reduces overspray by up to 55% and features an adjustable pressure control of up to 1600psi. It is perfect for medium to large projects and the flexible suction hose directly draws paint from the can, making it convenient to use.

Another airless paint sprayer that Wagner offers is the ProSpray PS3.20 unit. It is robust, durable and reliable and is backed by an industry-leading 5-year warranty. The HEA pressure gauge offers optimised control and adjustment of the working pressure range. Whether you are spraying walls, ceilings or fine finishes for doors, trims and metal fences, the ProSpray PS3.20 can do it all. The tried-and-tested piston pump technology provides ideal product delivery and low wear & tear. The compact construction of the ProSpray PS3.20 ensures excellent, fatigue-free operation, wherever your project site.

Wagner’s professional range of sprayers –  with industry-leading warranties and German engineering that you can trust! To view the full range of sprayers, please visit

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