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Ultimate power from Senco EVOLVE nail guns

Senco nail gun

PORTABLE POWER with efficiency has tradies loving Senco’s Evolve nailers. The two guns – a F35XP 34° Framing Nailer and F15XP 15 Gauge DA Bradder – deliver the power of a pneumatic tool without a cord.


Both can shoot upwards of 30,000 nails per chamber top-up or refill and 700 nails per charge, with quick charging abilities for both the battery and air chamber.

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Each nailer comes with two Li-ion batteries (4.0Ah for nailer, 2.0Ah for Bradder) which can be interchanged and 80 per cent charged in 40 mins for the Framing Nailer, and just 15 minutes for the DA Bradder.

Re-filling the compressor is a simple of using any compressed air hose*, such as a tyre hose, and attaching it to the chamber to have it charged within 30 seconds.

You no longer need to duck off-site to a maintenance centre to get a re-fill.Tradies who typically use gas powered tools will also benefit from no longer having to purchase nails with gas cells, saving up to 50 per cent on that end as well. Tradies also don’t need to clean the combustion chamber, further reducing time spent on maintenance.


The Evolve Cordless Framing Nailer (F-35XP) is ideal for framing, subflooring, fencing, decking and truss building among other external applications.

Its pneumatic-like fire rate has no ramp up time meaning your firing off shots quickly and powerfully up to 108j.

Its aggressive toenail grip and rugged rafterhook also mean those shots are done comfortably and accurately. The
DA Bradder (F-15XP) is suited to uses such as skirting boards, windows and cabinets.

Like the Framing Nailer, this gun has in-built jam reduction intelligence which results in fewer nail jams, and fewer headaches for its users.

The DA Bradder has an EZ-Clear magazine as well which means you can clear any pesky jams quickly. The DA Bradder can also swap between bump or sequence firing drive modes.

You can find out more information about Senco’s Evolve nailers here.

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