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Tradies, this is how to save $$$ and relax in 2024

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Being a tradie has never been busier. Between managing jobs, staff and cash flow, it can quickly become a nightmare. Outside factors like skills and materials shortages as well as inflation are also piling on to your already stressed operation.

It’s no wonder that 42 per cent of tradies are having trouble managing deadlines and job progress. Many tradies (57 per cent, in fact) don’t consider bringing in job management software to save the day.

But Fergus is here to help remove stress and increase your income, all while making things as simple as possible.

Bringing in the bread

When it comes to building on your bottom line, Fergus has you covered. It helps you ensure no spare change is being lost on unaccounted hours and unreconciled material invoices. Your team can log hours via the Fergus Go app, and supplier integrations keep your invoices in check.

Use the margin tool to check labour and material profits before sending quotes or invoices. With that tool, you can say goodbye to underpricing. One struggle for tradie business operators is keeping jobs on budget. Fergus is in your corner on this with real-time analysis. Use this data to inform customers early and adjust quotes if necessary to protect your profits.

“We got onto Fergus and in just one quarter we smashed an extra 20-30 per cent onto our sales through sheer organisational efficiency,” J.T Carter Plumbers’ Duncan Leask said.

With high demand comes a struggle to prioritise jobs. Fergus helps to identify your most profitable jobs and focus on similar work to maximize your earnings.

“There’s no need to print out plans anymore,” Ezi-Flo Plumbing’s Steve Luczo said.
“From files and photos, to plans, documents and certificates, you name it, the guys have it right there in their hot little hands against the job. It’s awesome.”

A real time saver

Let’s be honest, most tradies want to be on the tools and not stuck crunching numbers. Fergus understands this and does its best to save you time. Slash the time spent on admin tasks by going digital.

“If you’re looking to shift from pen and paper to software, just do it,” Outback Tradies’ Sarah Bradford said. “Honestly it’s a life saver in business. You can automate everything in this day and age. Just automate as much as you possibly can, so you can spend your time on the things that matter.”

Tradies can keep up to date with work on-site using the Fergus Go app, ensuring you get your admin work done during the day without having to play catch-up for hours at the end of the day.

“Everything goes through Fergus,” Watersmith Plumbing’s Andrew Watersmith said. “They’ve all got the Fergus app on their phone and all of our (supplier) invoices get attached to the job. That then makes my life easier when it comes time to sending invoices.”

Fergus helps you invoice in just three minutes and can help your customers pay online through Stripe with Fergus Pay to increase your cash flow. Easily transform your job card into an invoice and quickly calculate costs (thanks to supplier integrations) – it’s as simple as that.

Tradies can forget about manually matching material invoices with customer/job invoices. Let automatic reconciliation do the work for you when you quote your job number.

“We know now that there is not one cent that get spent that we do not allocate to a job,” Malady Electrical’s Rick Jones said. “I’m terrified to think how much money that we never did invoice out to our customers.”

Empower Your Team: Get your team on the right track by providing all the necessary job details through the Fergus Go app. This includes job instructions, safety forms, before photos, customer info, one-click calling, maps, and time tracking.

Benefits both ways

Keeping your customer happy is the core of maintaining a thriving operation. But keeping everyone happy can give tradies plenty of headaches, with research showing 44 per cent of them struggle in managing customer info and communication.

Well struggle no more! Fergus can elevate your customer experience. Your clients will be wowed with professional quotes and invoices. You can easily capture job images to share with them or keep for reference. Fergus not only helps in customer management, but also helps ensure your team has the right tools off the job too.

Fergus can provide clear instructions digitally via job cards and checklists for smooth pre and post-job tasks. This ensures your team meets customer requirements without any confusion. It also streamlines admin for peace of mind which can save 5-10 hours a week by simplifying business admin. Get time with your family or mates without being distracted by work – it’s all taken care of and under control.

Reckon you’d benefit from Fergus and its services? Reckon you’d benefit from Fergus job management software? Sign up before January 31 to get 30 per cent off your first thre months with the promo code TRA-31 Head over to to start your free trial.

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