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Tradie Tough Test: testo 570s digital manifold

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Tradies are certainly just as guilty as anyone when it comes to spending too much time on the screen. Well Testo has worked this to its advantage with the testo 570s digital manifold.

Servicing heat pumps, refrigeration and air conditioning systems can be a complex matter. It can get even more complicated when you need to keep track of measurements and readings over a longer time.

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Tradies working on HVAC&R systems don’t need to fret any longer with the testo 570s.

Picture: Prime Creative Media

For this test we brought in our Nick Gatt from MPE Mechanical, who tested out the 570s on an air conditioning system on a roof at Clifton Hill with a fantastic view of Melbourne.

He was using the testo 570s on some Mitsubishi VRF (variable refrigerant flow) units. One of these running low on gas and in need of pressure testing.

Test #1: Ultimate connectivity

The testo 570s offers a plethora of ways for tradies to get readings and view data. The device is easily connected to your smartphone via the testo Smart App. After connecting the manifold, Nick was able to easily detect abnormalities and issues with the aircon system.

Picture: Prime Creative Media

“Coming from an analogue background where I’ve always used analogue gauges, I find this very easy to access all these readings through smartphone,” he said.

“This way, I can walk away from the system. The 570s is able to data log too, so I can go away and come back to see what the system has been logging.

“Testo’s range with vacuum stats and clamp meters are all integrated with the main manifold an all-in-one piece of equipment.”

The manifold itself isn’t puzzling either – the information is all there on a big clear screen housed in a tough, German-engineered casing.

Once the 4-way valve manifold had been hooked up to the system and Bluetooth connected to the app, the smart measurement and diagnosis got underway.

Test #2: Smart tech

Battery life is a huge pro with the testo 570s – 360 hours.

That keeps charging time to a minimum, and gave Nick peace of mind that he could go through a weeks work without worrying about charging his 570s. Testo’s 570s is capable of working with a tonne of HVAC&R systems, and is also A3 and A2L refrigerant friendly.

“It’s able to test water pressure too which comes in handy when working with chillers and bigger water cooler equipment,” Nick added.

“The fact that my clamp meter can read straight off the manifold was handy as well, and again emphasised how great having all this work wirelessly is.”

When it comes to getting these measurements, the testo 570s is as accurate as they come. It can take readings with a measurement accuracy of 0.25 per cent full scale.

Tried and testo-ed

From the ease of use, to its connectability and wireless capabilities, the testo 570s is a technician’s best friend.

Picture: Prime Creative Media

The 570s streamlined the data for Nick, making his work on the VRF units an absolute breeze. Nick also loved the innovative digital, automatic refrigerant scale the testo 560i which makes system charging super easy.

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