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Tradie Tough Test: STANLEY FATMAX Tradelift

We know tradies can be a tad shy when asking for help for lifting heavy objects. STANLEY® has come to the rescue of many a bruised ego with its FATMAX® TradeLift™

We enlisted carpenter Noah Whitford from Pillar Construction for this Tough Test. He was working on a new build in Melbourne’s east, and was keen to try out a tool that could carry its fair share.

Enter the TradeLift. This small, but mighty tool is designed to lift heavy objects – pure and simple.

Image: Prime Creative Media

While its purpose might be straightforward, tradies needing an extra (and strong) hand when working on sites will absolutely love this tool, as you’ll find out.

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Test #1: Helping hand

Let’s answer the obvious question you’re asking: “how much does it lift, bro?”. The TradeLift has a hefty lifting capacity of 150kgs.

That makes it perfect for a handful of tradie tasks, from positioning flooring to lifting large cabinets. For our test, Noah needed to adjust some window frames.

“It was really great to not have to worry about needing to get someone else or risk damaging anything,” he said.

Image: Prime Creative Media

As well as being very strong, the TradeLift is precise as well with a fine 2.5mm per toggle. This allowed Noah to set the TradeLift to the exact space it needed it to create.

“That’s really important for our work – sometimes you need to move things by just a couple of millimetres.

“That’s really hard to do by hand, so having the TradeLift as an extra set of hands is really helpful.”

Test #2: Simple but strong

Making those millimetre changes is all the more easy thanks to the simplicity of the TradeLift. The ergonomic handle of the tool made it easy for Noah to grip and lift to his hearts content.

So you don’t lose any digits, Stanley has implemented a recessed full release button, which makes it very difficult to accidentally release the TradeLift.

“I was really impressed by how easy it was to use,” Noah said.

“To move anything forward, back, up or down – the triggers are really easy to use.”

Image: Prime Creative Media

Being such a heavy lifter, the TradeLift is built for hard work.

Its enclosed metal housing prevents dust from building up around the tool, meaning it’s always performing at peak.

Maximum effort

Noah was stoked by the amount of time (and effort) he saved with the TradeLift. It provided him with peace of mind in shifting heavy objects, and made his life so much easier when working by himself.

Image: Prime Creative Media

“They were easy to use, not too heavy and I was really impressed by how much they could lift,” Noah said.

The FATMAX TradeLift comes in a one-pack or you can purchase a pack of two.

Find out more about the tool online.

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You can find this tool online at here.

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