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Tradie Tough Test: Paslode’s Straight TrimMaster

Paslode continue to demonstrate why they’re ahead of the curve when it comes to nailing innovation.

Its latest iteration of the Straight TrimMaster doesn’t just take its cladding to another level, but adds in new flavour for steel fix outs too.

Aussie tradies are well-versed with Paslode products. Its Angled TrimMaster – which got a refresh in 2022 – is a common sight among carpenters needing a reliable bradder. It’s the new-look Straight TrimMaster’s turn, however, and this beauty takes Paslode’s innovation to a whole new level.

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Image: Prime Creative Media

It’s the first nailer that can shoot 14ga, 16ga and 15ga brads – something our chippy mate Angus ‘Gus’ Redfearn loved trying out.

Because of its broad applications across a build, Gus took us to two different sites in Melbourne to test out the Straight TrimMaster’s many applications.

Test #1: Three-headed beast

Gus was amazed by the amount of nailing applications he could use the Straight TrimMaster on. He started on the exterior of site one, shooting 14ga brads into fibre cement cladding.

The Straight TrimMaster handled the cladding like a pro, thanks to its optimised firing pin which helps punch through James Hardy and Weathertex materials with ease.

Image: Prime Creative Media

“The power really is something … you notice how well it handles in driving these nails into a variety of materials, but especially those harder materials,” Gus said.

Next up, Gus used some of Paslode’s newest 15ga Steel Frame Brads through some steel framing with timber moulds on the exterior of another residential build.

The Steel Frame Brads save even more time when added with the Straight TrimMaster, removing the need to pre-mark, pre-drill or use glue. Last, but certainly not least, Gus put the nailer to use on a carpenter’s bread and butter – 16ga brads into timber skirting boards.

You’d think after all we’d put the Straight TrimMaster through, the many changes in applications would compromise shooting consistency.

However, it shot just as true on the last nail as the first he shot for the cladding. Considering he’d been shooting with the nailer throughout a week using all three brads, that’s pretty darn impressive.

“Any kind of tool a tradie’s using, you can expect jamming,” Gus said.

“But with this nailer, the only time it jammed was when I forgot to swap the nose tip between 14ga and 16ga.

“Otherwise, there wasn’t any misfiring or jamming and each shot was a perfect as the last.”

Image: Prime Creative Media

Test #2: Need for speed

To add even more time saved for its owner, the Straight TrimMaster’s has grease rather than oil applied at the factory. Paslode has used this with its other trim tools, as greasing minimises dust ‘glugging’ up the nailer.

A quick clean of the filter and degrease of the spark will have the nailer shooting in no time. Tens of thousands of shots later, and tradies can take the nailer to their nearest Paslode servicer for a grease replacement.

As if the Straight TrimMaster wasn’t dedicated enough to saving tradies time, swapping the nose tips was a breeze.

“The quick-release nose makes swapping out the heads drama free,” Gus said.

“You just swap out the brads and bang – you’re good to go.”

Image: Prime Creative Media

Power trio

This latest bradder from Paslode really sets the tone for innovation in the nailing space. It combines all the latest features in terms of firing accuracy and minimal maintenance into a tool that
shoots across three different gauges for both cladding and fix outs.

“When you’re working on your own, you don’t want to keep having to swap between nailers for different jobs or materials,” Gus said.

“Paslode has realised a lot of tradies don’t want to buy a second bradder – they’ve engineered all the major needs into one single unit.”

Find out more about the Straight TrimMaster here.

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Find out more about the Straight TrimMaster

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