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Tradie Tough Test: Kincrome’s Hammer Range

Kincrome Hammers

There’s nothing quite like hitting something with a hammer. Even something as basic as a hammer can be upgraded, and Kincrome has brought in all the latest tech to ensure tradies have a blast when striking away.

Kincrome has a tonne of hammers in this range – claw, pein, dead blow, club, sledge – you name it! Thankfully, carpenter Toby Spicer from Pillar Constructions was more than happy to give them a go on a site in Frankston in Melbourne’s south-east.

Picture: Prime Creative Media

Kincrome developed each of these epic hammers alongside everyday tradies. This was done to ensure they made hammers that Aussie tradies can use day in and day out.


Across all these hammers, Kincrome has designed each to be secure and comfortable in the hands of tradies.

Traditional tradies might love the hickory handles on some of these bad boys. Changes to the end flange angle – as well as the overall shape – help make for a balanced and smooth hammer to grip.

“It’s a comfy hammer, the weight distribution makes it super easy to use,” Toby added.
“A hammer’s a hammer, but it’s so important to have a good handle, which these Kincrome ones have.”

Picture: Prime Creative Media

Toby loved having a play with the graphite-handled hammers. These have a graphite core and are 30 per cent stronger than their fibreglass colleagues, which gives them more resistance to shock and recoil during strikes. Adding to their overall comfort is the Gel-Grip.

This textured grip is designed to help tradies hold the hammer firmly, even through gloves. It’s also sweat-resistant, making it awesome for tradies on those hotter days.


Of course, how effective a hammer is at, well, hammering is the number one priority for tradies. No matter what you need a hammer for, Kincrome’s range has tradies covered.

Toby would mostly be using claw hammers for his work, which come in steel or high-carbon steel heads. Both boast large striking faces, with the steel claw hammer one solid piece to increase strength and durability and the high-carbon steel heads being supported by the shock absorbing graphite handle.

Picture: Prime Creative Media

“The heads are all really good,” Toby said.
“As a carpenter, I’d be using the claw hammers the most, but if I needed to break out any of these other hammers, I know Kincrome’s got that same quality throughout.”

Kincrome’s keen eye for balance is noticeable in its ball pein hammers, which delivered precise blows and is perfect for mechanics or tradies working with metal.

Toby also loved having a play with the club hammers, which were heavy-duty pros when it came to working some out the outdoor posts on Toby’s site.

They also feature the high-carbon steel heads with graphite handles making for a tough and knarly upgrade to any tradie’s toolkit.

Picture: Prime Creative Media


Toby had a blast trying out each of the epic hammers Kincrome has brought to the table with this range.

There’s a high-quality hammer for any tradie here, each offering pinpoint striking abilities with awesome durability and maximum comfort.

“I won’t be underestimating the importance of a good hammer anytime soon,” Toby said.

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