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Tradie Tough Test: Diablo Wood + Metal Blades

Diablo Australia

Being able to cut wood and metal with one blade is a carpenter’s dream. Well tradies, that dream is now a reality thanks to Diablo.


Diablo has really come through with the first circular saw blade to cut both wood and steel in the Aussie market.

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It was something we – and chippy Nebal Abilmona from Sealand Building – couldn’t wait to get our hands on.

Picture: Prime Creative Media

The blades sport plenty of Diablo’s features that make them sharp and durable, including hi-density carbide tips and a non-stick Perma-SHIELD coating.

It’s a combination of those features and a few more unique perks that make these blades an absolute must for the versatile carpenter.

Test #1: Wood all good

First up, Nebal tested the blades on softer materials – treated pine and composite decking. He noticed right away these were no ordinary blades, and it managed to handle business.

“One thing I love with Diablo is they have a thinner kerf,” Nebal said.

“That makes sure you don’t get any heat build-up, which creates less wear and tear on the blade and saw.”

Picture: Prime Creative Media

The lifespan of the blades are further helped by the Perma-Shield Non-Stick Coating, which is a non-stick coating designed to protect the blades against gumming and corrosion.

The Wood + Metal Blade can cut through 2” thickness on clean wood or wood with nail cutting applications.

Test #2: Test your metal

Next up, we tried cutting metal. Nebal brought out 2mm aluminium, 2mm steel tubing as well as 3mm steel sheets. Suffice to say, Nebal was blown away with the results.

“That’s incredible,” he said after carving through the 3mm steel.
“Not a single tooth is gone … that wasn’t hard to cut at all. It just breezed through.
“Of course, when you’re cutting these kinds of materials, you have to take it slow. But that’s very impressive.”
“The blade’s got a very fine kerf to it as well – it’s not spitting out or burring. Each cut is super clean.”

Picture: Prime Creative Media

Nebal’s favourite feature when cutting through all these different metals was the laser cut stabiliser vents and arbor.

This feature reduces vibration making for a much more stable cut, while also keeping the blade cool to further prolong its lifespan.

“I’ve been using Diablo for a very long time and will continue to do so if they keep bringing out great blades like these,” he said.

Through thick and thin

Tradies who cut all kinds of materials during their day need this blade in their kit. No need to swap out different blades for wood and metal – this bay boy from Diablo has you covered.

Not only is the Wood + Metal a jack of all trades, it’s tough as nails too. This is thanks to a tonne of specialised features that make sure each cut – metal or wood – is as clean as the last.

Picture: Prime Creative Media

“Aluminium is a soft material, so it was no surprise a great blade from Diablo could handle that with ease,” Nebal said.
“But when it came to the other metals, it just glided through.
“There wasn’t any wear after using the blades on both wood and metal back-to-back, which was very surprising.

“This is obviously a very good product, being a tradie it’s great to have a versatile blade that’s gonna save you a lot of time when you’re under the pump.”

Check it out

Find these blades and more from Diablo from your local Bunnings Warehouse and soon to Total Tools.

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