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Tradie Tough Test: Bremick UltraFast Decking Screws

Bremick screws

Tradies are finding themselves doing more outdoor decking and timber jobs than ever, and Bremick has delivered the perfect screws for the job.

Its UltraFast™ Decking Screw range cuts down on installation time while delivering an elite final product for your customers. When it comes to selecting the right screws, it’s a simple yet vital process for tradies.

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Not all screws are made equal, but the Bremick’s UltraFast Decking Screws exceed all expectations. For an efficient, clean and durable deck, Bremick has brought in all kinds of innovations to the design of these decking screws to deliver an awesome product.

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Our carpenter mate Toby Spicer from Pillar Constructions was on deck (pun intended) to help us with this Tradie Tough Test. He was doing a deck job in Mornington in Melbourne’s east. The UltraFast Decking Screw range comes in either trim, raised or truss head screws of 50 to 100mm lengths and between 10-14 gauge in various finishes. For the test, Toby was using 50mm truss head screws made from bronze stainless steel 304 on 140mm merbau timber.

Test #1: Firm and fast

As far as efficiency goes, the UltraFast Decking Screw is a tradie’s best friend. It starts at the tip of the screws, where Bremick has used its Spear Point tip for precise pre-drilling.

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“One of the most time consuming parts of a decking job like this is pre-drilling your screws,” Toby said.
“With this feature, you’ve eliminated that need to pre-drill which means you’re done so much quicker.”

Making these screws even sharper is their Sharks Tooth™ Thread which smoothly cuts through timber fibres resulting in a quick and smooth process.

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Test #2: clean and lean

Bremick’s design of these screws means the risk of splitting wood is significantly less than with other screws.

Towards the top of the UltraFast Decking screws they sport either a clearing thread (truss head) or top grip (trim head) which help keep the screw embedded in place.

The icing on the cake comes in the form of Bremick’s Torx Drive heads which prevents camming out, ensuring a clean and secure screw every time.

Toby really loved using the bronze screws in particular for this job. This is because the bronze is absorbed by the Stainless Steel at high temperatures, which results in a longer life for the deck.

“They complete the deck with a really high-end polish,” Toby said. “The bronze not only complements the colour of the timber, but it’ll ensure it lasts longer too.”
“Customer can’t really go wrong with them.”

Done and dusted

Once he’d finished, Toby was ecstatic with his work. The deck was firm and looked fantastic with the screws giving a polished and premium touch.

Picture: Prime Creative Media

“It eliminates so many of the problems with other decking screws, especially when it comes to avoiding splitting the timber or snapping the screw,” he said.

“With these screws, there’s no pre-drill and no splits making for a quick and clean job.”

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