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Tradie Tough Test: Bremick Masonry Screw Anchors

Bremick screws

Tradies know when they use Bremick, they’re getting quality and reliability no matter what. It’s crucial for carpenters to know that; enter the latest ETA High Performance Masonry Screw Anchors.

The High Performance Masonry Anchors from Bremick come in three distinct offerings: screw anchors, safety anchors and through bolts.


We tested the screw anchors, which are the more common ones used by carpenters and builders with timber and metal structure projects.

We caught up with Max Mazoletti from LMS Building and Constructions in Melbourne’s east, who helped showcase all the pros of using these new Bremick pieces.

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He was putting up a new home in Mount Waverley, and was amped to be using the High Performance Masonry Screw Anchors on the frames.


The importance of compliance for building cannot be emphasised enough. All tradies worth their salt need to know the products they’re using are in line with relevant codes and regulations.

All of these new Screw Anchors from Bremick are:

  • Option 1 – European Technical Assessment (ETA) for cracked and non-cracked concrete
  • C1&C2 Seismic Assessment certified*
  • AS5216 compliant
  • National Construction Code compliant
  • Fire Resistant F120

Max said with these in mind, he was confident the product he was building for his customer(s) was by the book.

“It’s great to know you’re using products that meet Australian Standards and Building codes,” he said.
“It’s tested to European and Australian standards and codes. The fact they tick every box to me is the biggest positive. “Sometimes, you’re using bits and pieces you’ve picked up from stores and you’re not entirely certain whether it’s covered off on every requirement.
“With Bremick, there’s never a doubt. It’s clear as day what you’re using meets the proper codes.”


With these Bremick’s Screw Anchors, tradies can expect faster installation and stronger results compared to traditional masonry fasteners like sleeve anchors. They’re able to lessen the risk of bursting and cracking in surrounding substrate thanks to minimal expansion force when being screwed into the substrate. They come in lengths between 60- 150mm, with Max using 100mm ones for his work.

“They went in smoothly and quickly, which is what you want when you’re doing a lot of these at a time,” he said.
“They’re fully removable which is awesome, so if we needed them for temporary builds or formwork they come out as easily as they go in.”


Max admitted he was hard-pressed to find anything wrong with his time testing the High Performance Masonry Screw Anchors.

“They just provide a peace of mind that I can get on with the job without worrying about the anchors too much,” Max said. “There’s no uncertainty – these anchors have all the bases covered. I can put them in easily and move on without any headaches.”

The other anchors in the collection – the safety and through-bolt anchors are ideal for fixing in low-to-high seismic risk areas. The Safety Anchors are built to handle what’s thrown their way with a patented anti-rotational nylon cylinder design. They come in hex bolt or countersunk head varieties depending on what you need.

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