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Tradie Tough Test: Bosch’s GRL 300 HVG Professional laser

Comprehensive coverage takes on a whole new meaning with Bosch’s GRL 300 HVG Professional. This rotational laser gives tradies complete analyses of their interiors without missing a beat.

For clear and concise measurements of large areas, the GRL 300 HVG is here to make tradies lives so much easier.


This product from Bosch is designed to help tradies working on interior construction such as electrical and lighting, ceiling or wall installation get a clear picture of the area they’re working in.

Image: Prime Creative Media

We met up with Bosch superfan Dave Simpson for this test, while he was framing a residential build on the Mornington Peninsula.

Test #1: Clear and accurate

Dave used the GRL 300 on the second floor of his build to gauge the datum level of all vertical beams.

He hooked the rotating laser up to its tripod and raised it to the desired level.  Since the second floor had no roof, Dave pulled out the LR 1G Professional receiver to get readings instead of the laser.

Image: Prime Creative Media

From that high vantage point, the GRL 300 was able to clearly self-level and mark out the beams.

“This thing has come in clutch,” Dave said.

“I’ve never used a rotation laser like this before that can go up three metres for readings on a tripod.

“Our second floor is 2.7 metres high, so we just set this up at 2.7 and it shines green to make sure everything’s perfect.”

Dave then went downstairs to mark out some bulkheads. It was here the GRL 300’s bright green laser came to play.

Image: Prime Creative Media

“In shady interiors, this laser is vibrant,” Dave said.

“We also used the remote for it here which helps control where you want to measure a certain part of a room like we are with these bulkheads.”

The GRL 300 has a scanning diameter of 300m (150m with the LR 1G Professional receiver) .

Test #2: Pro-tech-ted

Such an all-encompassing piece of tech must be hard to use, right? Wrong. The GRL 300’s interface is as simple as they come, allowing any tradie – including Dave – to easily set it up and level like a pro.

“Straight up, I love the handling of this tool,” he said.

“You’ve got the handles on the sides for handheld usage, there’s an attachment for mounting on walls, and of course you have the tripod.

“Of course, you avoid dropping your tools where possible, but you can tell this is sturdy and durable.”

Image: Prime Creative Media

As well as being tough, the GRL 300 is IP 54 resistant giving it a high level of water and dust protection.

Laser show

When it comes to getting an encompassing and straightforward measurement, the GRL 300 is here
to help.

This intelligent leveller can handle bucket loads of levelling tasks for interior work, and is designed to handle even the most complex layouts. Dave could confidently and easily take readings with the GRL 300 whether he was with it or using it remotely.

“Everything about this tool makes life so much easier,” he said.

“Knowing I can get the right reading every time no matter the job is awesome.”

Check it out

Find out more by searching the new Bosch GRL 300 HVG Professional laser levelling tool online.

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