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Tradie Tough Test: Bosch’s GLL 3-80 CG Professional laser

While using lasers on a site can feel cool and technical, tradies don’t usually want that to come at the cost of simplicity. Thankfully, Bosch has come through with the compact, simple and comprehensive GLL 3-80 CG Professional Line Laser.

Tradies needing a line laser that gets accurate information they need asap need look no further than the GLL 3-80 CG.

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The tool is big on simplicity and accuracy for a modern tradie who likes to have all the site metrics available in the palm of their hand.

Images: Prime Creative Media

This includes subby Ferdinand Joseph, who helped us put the GLL 3-80 CG through its paces at a site in Melbourne’s east.

He was installing new down-lights for a customer, so he needed the laser to accurately measure the layout for precise placement of the fixtures.

Test #1: green machine

The ease of use of the GLL 3-80 CG cannot be understated. All Ferdinand had to do was place the laser on its tripod, turn it on, an away it went.

“The ease of use with this is phenomenal,” he said.

Where this user friendly interface really shines is in Bosch’s unique Bluetooth controlling capabilities.

Image: Prime Creative Media

With this feature, Ferdinand was able to get readings and control the laser from his phone, allowing him to check-in and change settings without going back to it.

“The ease-of-use I had with the Bluetooth function was a game-changer,” he said.

“If I’m up on a ladder drilling holes, I can whip out my phone to check the laser and change settings when I need to.

“If I need to swap between the vertical or horizontal lines, you don’t have to get down and tinker around – you can do it from the comfort of the ladder.”

Image: Prime Creative Media

The optional RM 3 base allows the GLL 3-80 CG to do line adjustments on its own.

Test #2: Green with envy

As far as accuracy goes, the GLL 3-80 CG has a precise range of +/- 0.2mm/m.

It also uses cone mirror technology which gives the line laser a clear look a its surrounds.

“For my work as an electrician working on these downlights, I want everything to look absolutely perfect,” Ferdinand said.

Like other Bosch lasers, the GLL 3-80 CG uses bright green beams to ensure everything is clear as possible.

“In my opinion, the green lights were perfect for me both working inside and outside,” Ferdinand said.

“I could see both the horizontal and vertical lines clearly with no issues whatsoever with daylight.”

Image: Prime Creative Media

Lean and green

Having the ability to control the GLL 3-80 CG remotely via smartphone made Ferdinand’s job much less tedious.

It’s but the tip of the iceberg when it comes to how this line laser makes the job much easier than ever before.

Bosch has installed the essentials in this compact, yet elite package that leaves tradies confident rather than confused and overwhelmed by technical jargon.

“This can be used on variety of things – for me as an electrician there’s tonnes of applications I’d use it for,” Ferdinand said.

“I’ll definitely be using it almost daily – it’s a game changer.”

Check it out

Find out more by searching the Bosch GLL 3-80 CG Professional Line Laser tool online.


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