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Tradie Tough Test: Bosch’s Expert SDS Clean Plus-8X

Tradies on demo jobs can forget their dustpan and broom thanks to Bosch’s Expert SDS Clean Plus-8X. These attachments not only leave the site clean, but also the airways of its users.

Getting messy on-site might make a tradie feel cool and gritty at the beginning. But – much like your bedroom as a kid – whatever mess you make has to be cleaned up.

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Bosch has made drilling jobs cleaner and safer with its SDS Clean Plus range.

Image: Prime Creative Media

For this Tough Test, we visited tradie Toby Spicer from Pillar Construction at a site in Beaumaris located in Melbourne’s South-East for the test.

Test #1: On the airwaves

Toby tested the hammer drill on some concrete for starter bars and anchor bolts. The hammer drill attachments are 25 times better at reducing dust production on a job compared to regular SDS bits*.

Image: Prime Creative Media

“The dust reduction was unreal,” Toby said.

“Anyone using a hammer drill knows after 30-40 holes, you’ve got tonnes of dust spitting around, going into your face and what not – it’s not fun.

“Having this on-site was super helpful in continuously sucking that dust up as we went along.”

The hammer drill’s design uses the best of Bosch’s welding technology. This includes a quality steel pipe which can be easily cleaned if jammed and a four-cutter full carbide head for better drilling through reinforced concrete and reduced jamming.

Image: Prime Creative Media

Test #2: Breathe easy

In teams of ease of use, Toby was able to get the best out of these SDS Clean attachments.

They’re super quick to install, and their compact design make them easy to store.

“These performed great as expected,” Toby said.

As well as being super easy to attach, the SDS Clean bits fit most dust extractors. The trades industry is always finding ways to make the site safer from air contaminants.

A major drawcard for SDS Clean attachments is the more dust and particles they suck up, the less is wafting around for tradies to inhale.

Image: Prime Creative Media

“Over last 5-10 years, Australia’s really started to crack down on dust safety,” Toby said.

“It’s required on pretty much every site to have a dust extractor if you’re producing a lot of dust.”

Punch it in

Bosch are the pioneers for SDS Clean technology, and it shows in the latest Expert SDS Clean range.

Using the hammer drill attachments – Toby loved the attach-and-go simplicity, as well as their ability to cut dust production to a minimum.

“The bits and vacuum were easy to setup and use,” he said.

“I spend hours using a hammer drill every day, and everything helps when it comes to dust reduction both for my health and a clean end product.”

Check it out

You can find out more about Bosch’s Expert SDS Clean range online.

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