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Tough Test: Senco Duraspin auto-feed screw system

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Superior speed and consistency are what tradies can expect with the Senco Duraspin auto-feed screw system.

It perfectly balances making your job easier, whilst delivering a quality product for you and your customers.


The Duraspin boasts many unique features which make it a cut above the competition for its particular application. Chippy Angus ‘Gus’ Redfearn from TK Building helped us with this Tradie Tough Test. He mostly uses a tool like the Duraspin on subflooring, however it is suitable for some decking, cladding and plasterboarding among other applications.


Gus had little stress with getting a quick and accurate result from the Duraspin on some Yellow Tongue flooring. This was largely due to the tool’s ‘Feed On Return’ feature, which ensures a new screw is ready to go quickly after you punched the last one in.

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When working with Yellow Tongue for flooring, you’re typically standing up when screwing. From a fantastic line of sight, and an easily adjustable handle, Gus as able to shoot where he wanted, how he wanted and with uncompromised accuracy.

“I could tell right away how easy it was to adjust the rotation of the head so I could have the magazine out of the way wherever I was,” he added.
“With other tools, you need to be really certain and specific when you push.
“Having the drill* plugged in provided me with more torque and overall a more accurate delivery.”

The adjustability also applies to the overall built of the Duraspin, with its modular make a blessing for tradies if they need to change or replace certain pieces.


A frustrating problem tradies have with screw attachments is getting into a groove that’s uninhibited by jams. One moment, you’ll get into a consistent rhythm, and then the feeder gets stuck and it’s tools down while you fiddle about.

The Duraspin eliminates these issues with a number of ways, from the sliding screw guide to the strip foldback protection which prevents empty strips from jamming.

“As well as the guide system, I really liked how the Duraspin held more screws compared to similar tools I’ve used,” Gus added.
“Even with more screws, the foldback protection stops empty strips from getting caught on your socks or your boots. Having that feed run up the shaft was a real plus.”


Overall, Gus loved how simple, yet effective the Duraspin was compared to similar products he’s used. He had it set up and ready to use in minutes with just the flick of a few clamps. From there, Gus was quickly humming away and using the Duraspin like it was second nature.

“There’s a lot of playing around with similar tools I’ve used, but this was great,” he said.

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