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Tough Test: PPE P2 Mask from Great Southern Safety

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Tradies are more conscious than ever about what they’re inhaling on the worksite. With this in mind, Great Southern Safety has developed a range of Australian made P2 masks, designed specifically for industry, that protect tradies against just about anything they can – and can’t – see.

IT GOES without saying, but tradies’ lungs can take a beating if not properly protected. From dust and sawdust to dangerous asbestos or silica, it’s vital you have the right protection.


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The PPE P2 masks from Great Southern Safety combine modern innovations in filtration with quality comfort for the tradie.

For this test, we hit up Max Mazoletti from LMS Building who tested the mask at a site in Melbourne’s Eastern Suburbs. He was doing plenty of work drilling into wood and cutting through plasterboard, so it was a great chance to put the Great Southern Safety P2 masks through their paces.


With engineered stone products still used extensively in Australia, silica exposure remains high among tradies. Silica exposure can lead to silicosis, which scars lungs, causes breathing difficulties and can even lead to death.

There’s a lot of focus in the industry about protecting tradies from exposure, and the importance of using P2 masks is no exception in this regard. P2 masks are designed to filter out at least 94 per cent of airborne particles generated by grinding, cutting, sanding, drilling and sawing. Coincidently, they also protect against viruses and bacteria, including COVID-19.

“It’s a long career, working on-site – you’re exposed to a lot of hazardous materials,” Max said.
“Silica is obviously the big one we’re talking about at the moment. Being able to carry these masks in the car and knowing you have that protection makes a big difference.”

Great Southern Safety P2 masks are made to meet all Australian Standards and have been independently certified to ensure they meet the Standard AS/NZS 1716:2012.


Safety is the number one priority when it comes to safety masks, but if a mask can be as unnoticeable as possible when worn, that’s even better. The P2 is easy to put on and is barely noticeable when in use. Its cup-fit design ensures your nose and mouth make minimal contact with the mask. This ensures tradies aren’t getting uncomfortable after extended periods of use, which is crucial for those longer jobs.

“My team and I wore them on a pretty hot day, and we had no issues with the heat or stuffiness,” Max said.

The mask comes in two types: valved and non-valved. The valved P2 mask features an exhalation valve, which makes it easier for getting rid of exhaled air and reducing moisture build-up.


The P2 mask is suitable across a tonne of tradie applications, and provides top-tier protection across the lot of them. Max and his mates were happy wearing the masks for extended periods on their respective sites.

Peace of mind that your lungs are protected is priceless on the site, and you can rest assured you’re covered with these masks. P2 PPE masks are available via order from Great Southern Safety stockists.

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