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Tool theft has spiked … again! Here’s what to do

Tool theft took another massive leap in 2023, so here’s your annual reminder to keep your prized possessions safe.

According to the Crime Statistics Agency, a whopping $33 million worth of power tools were pinched from Victorian tradies alone last year. That’s an increase of 33 per cent on 2022’s theft numbers.

An eye-watering 18,626 power tools were taken, while 14,911 hand tools were taken as well. That marked an increase in the total amount of tools stolen by 12 per cent on 2023.

So, what can tradies do?

“To secure your tools in a vehicle, use a robust truck bed or a lockable toolbox, anchored to the vehicle with a strong security chain if portable,” RACV Home General Manager Bill Bloodworth said.

“Marking your tools with your identification details, such as your name and driver’s license number, makes them difficult for thieves to sell, easier for you to report as missing, and increases the likelihood of recovery by police.”

RACV also suggests using small mobile GPS trackers – such as Airtags – so tradies can track where their tools are via their phone.

“To reduce the chance of theft, always ensure your tools are not left visible in your vehicle,” Bloodworth added.
“This recommendation extends to equipment stored on the roof, such as ladders, which should ideally be kept inside your home or garage at night.
“Thieves typically look for easy targets, so visibly securing and locking away your tools can deter them from attempting a theft.
“Securing your vehicle is equally crucial to prevent it from being stolen, potentially along with any tools inside.
“If you can, park your work vehicle, such as a ute or truck, in a secured garage.”


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