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The ultimate tool for cordless spraying

Introducing the latest addition to Wagner’s Professional XVLP sprayers – the FinishControl FC 4000 18V handheld sprayer.

This cordless and lightweight sprayer provides professional painters with an ergonomic and powerful solution, supported by Bosch’s high-performance 18V batteries. This tool is designed to assist the painter in completing the job efficiently.

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Cordless spray

The FinishControl FC 4000 18V is a cordless paint sprayer that provides unrestricted freedom of movement for painting smaller objects and fine finishing as well as repairs and
renovation work.

It comes with a FineSpray attachment, making it the perfect partner for fine finishing. The batteries combined with the brushless motor ensures enhanced runtime, longer service life and excellent atomisation performance.

The additional click and paint attachments are the perfect accessory for different finishes.

The benefits include:

  • XVLP spraying with high air volume and low air pressure (3psi) for fine material atomisation and perfect surfaces
  • FineSpray attachment – low overspray and compact, extra-light design
  • 1.8 mm round nozzle for low-viscosity materials
  • Brushless, long-life turbine for low-noise operation and reduced maintenance requirements
  • Adjustable material and air volume – 12 stage control
  • Compatible with 3 click and paint spray attachments: FineSpray (comes in kit), StandardSpray and WallSpray.
  • Comes with 2 x 4aH Bosch ProCORE 18V batteries

This product carries a 3+2 year Professional warranty.

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