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The cement that delivers strong results, fast

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Tradies needing to save time and peace of mind can rest assured that Cement Australia’s latest mix will do both in spades.

Introducing the PROStrength Rapid Set Concrete – designed to harden fast and deliver strong results. This latest offering combines the fast-setting of Cement Australia’s Rapid Set Concrete with the strong PROStrength formula.

PROStrength Rapid Set Concrete is perfect for many load bearing tasks, including retaining walls, fencing, sign installation and larger posts.

Firm and fast

This concrete moves quickly in hardening, hardening in just 30 minutes and load bearing after a day.

Not only does it set fast, it’s twice as strong as regular Rapid Set to the tune of 40MPa*.

Its increased strength also makes it suitable for road furniture and is TMR MRTS14 approved.

This allows tradies to pour and place everything quickly and get on with other jobs, before confidently
being able to work on a firm surface within 24 hours.

Made right here

The Cement Australia team has been making cement products for a long time. It’s not just a job for them, it’s a tradition. Since 1890, Cement Australia has been the top choice for Australians who want to build strong structures.

For commercial construction and certain load bearing needs, Cement Australia’s PROStrength has tradies covered.

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