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Tech-savvy tradies: be blown away by testo 570s

When it comes to keeping tabs on refrigeration, air conditioning systems, and heat pumps over a long time, spotting sneaky problems isn’t always easy.

That’s why Testo has cooked up the new testo 570s digital manifold with its nifty error-spotting capabilities. It’s like having a trusty sidekick that never misses a beat.

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The testo 570s boasts a super long battery life – a whopping 360 hours. It’s perfect for handling both extended measurements and quick jobs during the workweek.

Easy and accurate

Modern tradies will love the ease of use they get from the testo Smart App. The app allows you to quickly detect issues and anomalies, as well as record and report on long term measurements.

The Smart App isn’t the only modern asset to the testo 570s, with the manifold also able to wirelessly measure temperature, vacuum, pressure, and current with Bluetooth probes – no fuss, no wires.

It’s also a precision pro – even on low pressure readings – due to the testo 570s’ measuring accuracy of 0.25 per cent full scale.

Testo tough

The testo 570s amongst the other Testo manifolds are the ultimate tools for a tradie. The 570s isn’t the only top tool from Testo that can help tradies, however.

These manifolds are part of new Testo heat pump kits, which help provide comprehensive measurements.

These kits come with a number of helpful tools for effective heat pump maintenance, such as a clamp thermometer which can be operated via your smartphone.

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