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Spray like a pro with this tool

Wagner has something special up its sleeve – introducing the SF21 Pro, the latest addition to Wagner’s SuperFinish Diaphragm pump lineup.

This powerhouse pump is designed to tackle those medium to large-scale painting projects with ease.

Power pump

What sets the SF21 Pro apart? Well, for starters, it offers variable setups to suit your painting needs. You’ve got the hopper setup, ideal for doors and trims.

Then there’s the suction setup, perfect for those walls and ceilings. And let’s not forget the 2-in-1 option (comes with suction hose and hopper kit), which gives you the best of both worlds, all thanks to Wagner’s patented diaphragm pump system.

Whether you’re an experienced painter, a new apprentice eager to learn the ropes, or even a serious DIY enthusiast, this machine promises an unparalleled painting experience.

It’s built tough, delivers top-notch performance, and handles both solvent and water-based paints like a dream.

With a maximum delivery rate of 2.1 litres per minute and a tip size of 0.021”, the SF21 Pro offers exceptional value for money.

With a maximum pressure rating of 3000psi, it’s compatible with all of Wagner’s HEA, TradeTip3, and Fine Finish tips, ensuring you get the perfect finish every time.

The latest tech

A standout feature of the SuperFinish range is diaphragm pump technology, which is included in the SF23 Pro and SF33 Pro models.

This technology is all about efficiency and reliability. The diaphragm pump is not only economical, but it also reduces the need for maintenance.

It ensures consistent pressure, resulting in a uniform, even spray pattern every time.

The highly-efficient and low-maintenance motor is purposefully designed to minimise electronics in the unit, protecting it against pesky voltage fluctuations. Running the pump dry?

No worries – it won’t cause any issues.

Another major benefit of the SF21 Pro is its High Efficiency Airless technology.

This innovative feature allows users to spray with the utmost control and performance, even under reduced system pressure. This means less overspray – up to 55 per cent less, to be exact.

That’s right, reduced pressure leads to a softer, more controllable spray, giving you maximum control over your painting projects.

Plus, the slightly feathered edge ensures a better finish when overlapping spray patterns. With the SF21 Pro, say goodbye to the bounce-back of the gun and lower trigger pull force. And here’s a bonus – the lower spraying pressure puts less stress on the system, leading to longer equipment life.

The SF21 Pro is backed by a 3+2 year warranty as well, giving you extra peace of mind. So why wait? Step up your painting game with the SF21 Pro.

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