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Sika’s newest Silica Free and Dust Less® tile adhesive range

Sika understands that when it comes to safety on work sites and working with internal or external tiling projects, that there are plenty of things to consider. Sika knows that any reduction in being exposed to silica dust can only be a positive choice to lessen the likelihood of exposure to harmful and often hard to detect with the human eye silica dust.

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With this at the forefront, Sika’s Research and Development team developed a new range of SikaTile® adhesives to improve working conditions of the installer and the project environment.

In September 2022, Sika released its first dry mix adhesive with zero per cent Crystalline Silica and coupled this formulation with Sika’s patented Dust Less® Technology to further reduce airborne dust during mixing by up to 80 per cent. This duo of Silica free and Dust Less® Technology, enabled us to achieve improved air quality, better working conditions, less mess, and faster clean-up for the installer.

“Silica Free Technology is part of Sika’s Global Innovation and Sustainability commitment, and we are adapting product design that relates specifically to the demands and desires of those who specify and work with cementitious products,” Sika Australia Technology Manager Emmark Eroles said.

The SikaTile® Adhesive offer has extended to a range of products that cover Silica free options of traditional tile adhesive and light Lightweight Glass Technology options.

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