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Screw with safety – the eSHOK-GUARD

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Tradies – especially sparkies – are no strangers to electrical safety. They’re part of the 54 per cent of the workforce who work around live electricity every day.

A further 62 per cent use battery-powered impact tools and 87 per cent have experienced shocks while on construction jobs.

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Tradies need to know their tools and accessories have their back when it comes to electrical safety.

Enter Crescent APEX

“Most tools in this category are insulated, not isolated, and the difference is massive,” Crescent APEX Product Manager Mary Hughey said.

“Our eSHOK-GUARD power tool accessories are the only power tool accessories on the market that isolate an electrical current, preventing it from ever reaching the person using it.”

Combining safety and convenience – Crescent APEX’s eSHOK-GUARD Isolated Bit Holder and Socket Isolators are UL classified for isolation up to 1,000 volts DC and 1,500 volts AC.

They’re perfect for tradies working on circuit breakers, appliance installation and repair or even HVAC system work.

The Isolated Bit Holder is your go-to for keeping screws snug with its handy magnetic tip. Switching bits is a breeze thanks to the easy-to-use retaining ring, and it plays nice with impact drivers and drills, thanks to the ¼-inch hex shank.

Now, onto the Socket Isolators in ¼”, 3/8”, and ½” sizes – they’re built tough for heavy-duty impact jobs.

Plus, the ball detent makes popping in and out sockets a piece of cake.

About Crescent APEX and APEX Tool Group

Crescent stands as a leading brand within Apex Tool Group, a prominent global manufacturer of hand tools.

The extensive product range encompasses Crescent adjustable wrenches, mechanics’ hand tools and sets, Crescent Wiss snips, scissors, shears, knives, and trade tools, Crescent Lufkin measuring tapes, rules, wheels, and chalk reels, Crescent Nicholson files and saws, Crescent H.K. Porter heavy-duty cutting products.

Apex Tool Group, LLC ranks among the largest producers worldwide of industrial hand and power tools, tool storage, drill chucks, chain, and electronic soldering products. Apex caters to diverse global markets, including automotive, aerospace, electronics, energy, hardware, industrial, and consumer retail.

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