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Screw-drive like a pro with Senco’s Duraspin


BRINGING unparalleled speed and accuracy is Senco’s new Duraspin DS530-M1 auto-feed screwdriver system attachment.

This awesome piece of kit is perfect for tradies working on decking, sub flooring, plasterboard or cladding among other applications. A massive advantage the Duraspin attachment has on competitors is its feed on return feature.

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“Once you put one screw in, the next screw goes straight into place as the feed mechanism returns,” Senco Product Manager Dan Rizio said. “This makes it a very fast operation.”


The DS530-M1 is attached to a screwdriver* and easy to put together for tradies. Its extension pole makes it perfect for standing application, with great line-of-sight including in tight corners. The Duraspin DS530-M1’s sliding screw guide prevents binding, allowing for a constant feed with no jams.

For consistent flush or countersink drives, the Duraspin has its depth lock feature which allows for quick depth drive adjustment. The attachment pack comes with rex (EA0316), Phillip (EA0314) and square (EA0315) bits and is suitable for screws ranging between 6 to 12 gauge and 25 to 75mm in length.

You can find out more about the awesome Duraspin here.

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