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Mow like a beast with Bosch’s BITURBO mower

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For tradies wanting to transform their lawn jobs, the Bosch BITURBO Brushless 460mm Lawnmower integrates cutting-edge technology to redefine the mowing game.

At the core of this mower lies the BITURBO Brushless technology, combining the might of Bosch’s ProCORE18V 8.0Ah and 12.0Ah batteries with a potent new Brushless motor.


Unleashing the true potential of ProCORE18V batteries, renowned for their hefty power output, the BITURBO Brushless lawnmower squeezes every ounce of power it can for ultimate performance. Unlike many tools that struggle to harness the full capacity of high-powered batteries, the BITURBO Brushless motors are optimised for ProCORE18V. Bosch 18V tools can also handle up to 2000W on a single battery.

Unmatched performance

The 2x18V Powertrain, when fuelled by ProCORE18V 12Ah batteries, propels the mower to cover expansive cutting areas, reaching up to 1000m2. The dual 18V setup not only enhances performance but also extends runtime, allowing you to tackle larger lawns without interruption. The powerful BITURBO brushless motor, a testament to Bosch’s engineering prowess, ensures a precise 460mm cut with the accompanying 460mm cutting blade, resulting in a manicured lawn every time.

Image: Bosch Professional

Versatility and simplicity redefined

Adapting to your lawn care needs, the BITURBO Brushless mower offers convenient cutting, collection, mulching, and storage options. Customise your grass length effortlessly with the 6-level cutting height adjustment ranging from 30mm to 70mm. The inclusion of a 60l fabric grass basket and a mulching plug adds versatility to your lawn care routine. Plus, for those with limited storage space, the collapsible handle provides a vertical storage option, optimising your available space.

Prioritising user comfort

The mower prioritises user comfort with an ergonomic soft grip handle featuring a 2-level height adjustment. The low noise operation at 94 dBA ensures a pleasant mowing experience, reducing disturbance to both the user and neighbours.

Built to last

Durability is ingrained in the design of the BITURBO Brushless mower, featuring a robust full metal deck without any plastic inserts. The metal handle frame with a bail bar provides stability, while wheels equipped with ball bearings ensure smooth operation and longevity.

Experience the future of lawn care with the Bosch BITURBO Brushless 460mm Lawnmower—a perfect blend of power, versatility, comfort, and unmatched durability, all backed by the ground-breaking BITURBO Brushless technology.

You can find out more about the Bosch BITURBO Brushless 460mm Lawnmower and Bosch’s six-year warranty online

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