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More Gen Z tradies running their own business: research

Gen Z tradies

New figures have found 30 per cent of Gen Z tradies control their revenue as sole traders or business owners.

Research from Kennards Hire, Lysaght and I.M.A B2B Marketing Consultancy revealed a number of insights into how Zoomer tradies interact with suppliers and brands.

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The online survey had carpenters, plumbers, electricians, mechanics among other tradies participate.

Figures found 81 per cent of Gen Z tradies prefer to chat with suppliers and brands on-site vs over text or social media messaging. A further 88 per cent of respondents disagreed with using zero human interaction when sourcing supplies.

I.M.B B2B Partner Jake Cush said the research indicated Gen Z tradies were proud of their work and eager to work closely with suppliers and brands.

“There’s massive opportunity for all brands from finance and banking, retail and trade to support these young tradie bosses on their career journey, and get rewarded with brand loyalty as a result,” he said.
“So often marketers are guilty of chasing the latest trend or trying to predict future trends but what the research indicates is that changing behaviour for tradies isn’t driven by age, its driven by the unique microcosm of working on-site.

“As a result, to engage tradies brands need to focus on the fundamentals – quality product, conveniently accessed at the right price – because they will never change.
“Digital transformation is irrelevant for the trade audience if it doesn’t seriously move the dial on these attributes or provide the certainty and timeliness required to get the tools, equipment and supplies to the work site.”

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Zooming in

As well as many Gen Z tradies running their own operation, 31 per cent aspire to own a home.
One third of tradies said they heavily consider environmentally conscious suppliers when making their decisions.

Half of the tradie participants said they were influenced by social media when it comes to picking suppliers.
Overall, the survey found Gen Z tradies are influenced by friends and coworkers when purchasing vehicles, building equipment, tools and other supplies.

“The results reveal invaluable insight on the evolving landscape of Australia’s construction industry,” Kennards Hire Marketing and Customer Experience GM Manelle Merhi said.
“Understanding the distinctive traits and preferences of tradies is crucial for businesses like ours, as it guides us in tailoring our product offerings, services and customer experiences to engage tradies as they progress through their careers.”

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