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MATES Big Lap 2024 for suicide prevention and mental health

Following the ground-breaking success of 2023, the MATES Big Lap initiative is poised to return with even greater momentum in 2024.

Following the success of 2023, the MATES Big Lap initiative is set to return with even greater momentum in 2024. This year’s theme, ‘Move for your MATES,’ embodies a powerful message of unity and support.

Driving this national fundraiser is the mission to combat suicide and bolster mental health in the construction, mining, energy, and manufacturing sectors.

The inaugural MATES Big Lap in 2023 set an inspiring benchmark, uniting participants from diverse backgrounds in physical activities like running, walking, swimming, and wheeling.

Collectively, they achieved the feat of covering over 80,000km, the equivalent of five laps around Australia, significantly raising awareness and garnering over $120,000 through 1,490 donations.

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As MATES Big Lap 2024 approaches, the goal is to double participation and the distance covered. The goal for this year is to complete nine big laps around Australia, representing the average number of suicides each day in this country.

This target is a reminder of the MATES Big Lap mission, and underscores their belief in the vital role of physical health in maintaining mental well-being.

“In rallying together for MATES Big Lap 2024, we’re not just moving for fitness; we’re moving to make a statement – that every step, every lap counts towards breaking the stigma around mental health and turning the tide against suicide in our vital industries,” MATES Australia CEO Chris Lockwood said.

The sobering reality is that male construction workers face suicide rates twice that of other male workers, and are eight times more likely to die by suicide than from a workplace accident.

MATES Big Lap 2024 is more than a fundraising event, it’s a movement to unite people in the pursuit of a world where mental health is a priority, and suicide is averted.

Join MATES Big Lap in exceeding the achievements of last year.

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