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How tradies are turning their phone into a trusty payment tool

Tradies across Australia are discovering Worldline Tap on Mobile as a new addition to their toolbox. Why? Because they appreciate tools that make the job easier – and Tap on Mobile does precisely that for payments.

For example, take Tony: as a plumber, he’s able to turn his mobile into an EFTPOS machine. So, he can ditch the terminal he’s been carrying around and just use the phone in his pocket.

The one tool you’ll never forget

With the Tap on Mobile app, Tony finds life much easier as he always has his phone on him, and he’s always ready to take payments. Plus, there are no monthly terminal fees to worry about and he can have up to 5 devices on his plan – so if he’s busy, one of his crew can take the payment using their phone with the Tap on Mobile app.

Value for money

Tap on Mobile is so convenient and easy to use, but it still has to add up financially – and it really does with no terminal rental fees and a competitive transaction fee of 1.3%.

Image: supplied by ANZ Worldline Payment Solutions

Flexibility for your business

When it comes to his clients, Tony is as flexible as he can be and enjoys having a payments partner that provides him payment flexibility.

No lock-in contracts means you can give Tap on Mobile a go without worrying about any strings.

Simple, smart and convenient

The Tap on Mobile app has everything you need to take contactless payments on the go. Say goodbye to waiting for invoices to be paid – just collect your payment on the spot and send a digital receipt. And you can track near real-time transaction insights through the Merchant Portal.

Tony’s favourite new tool

Tap on Mobile is here to make payments simple, and your clients will love the convenience as much as you do. You can take a payment anytime, anywhere you have mobile reception, just by reaching into your pocket. And when you’re constantly on the go, it’s great to have one less thing to worry about.

You can find out more about Tap on Mobile here.

“Tony” is a fictional character used for illustration purposes only. Any resemblance to real persons is coincidental.
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