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How to measure the perfect amount of cement

Cement products Australia

Being the best tradie you can be means getting every measurement right. When it comes to measuring cement, why leave it to chance?

Introducing Cement Australia’s handy calculators for your building projects.

Dialled in

These tools are designed to make your planning a breeze. Wondering how much concrete, cement, sand, mortar, or render you’ll need? Its calculators have got you covered.

Just pen in the measurements of your project, and let the calculator do the hard work. It even considers a bit extra for the small stuff you might lose when working with cement-based materials.

And to keep things easy, the results are rounded up to the nearest whole 20kg bag of cement.

So, whether you’re fixing up a wall, putting in a post, or redoing your driveway, you’ll know exactly how many bags of cement to grab.

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While Cement Australia’s calculators are comprehensive, it’s always smart to get advice from the experts. Take setting posts, for example. How deep should you dig? There’s no one-size-fits-all answer.

Factors like the type of soil and the weight on the post matter. When in doubt, always ask a specialist— there’s always factors a calculator doesn’t account for.

Time to crunch those numbers and make your project a success with Cement Australia’s calculators!

True-blue glue

Opting for Cement Australia goes beyond convenient calculations, mind you. Compliant with the Australian Standards (AS3972), Cement Australia products adhere to the established rulebook.

Cement Australia takes it a step further by subjecting their offerings to rigorous tests at their NATA-accredited laboratory. Therefore, when you choose a bag, you’re not just getting top-notch strength; you’re acquiring Australian strength with the assurance of quality.

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