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How to clean up your drilling and chiselling work

In the gritty world of construction, where the air is thick with concrete dust, Bosch has introduced a ground-breaking solution that changes the way tradies work while also safeguarding their health.

The Expert SDS Clean Plus range is more than just run-of-the-mill attachments; they’re a massive step towards safer, cleaner job sites.

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This range includes SDS Clean equipment for both hammer drill and chiselling applications.

Concrete drilling, a job critical to urban development and construction, has long been notorious for all the debris and dust it generates. This dust poses significant health risks, entering the lungs and potentially causing serious respiratory issues. Recognising this hazard, Bosch has engineered solutions that cater not just to efficiency but also to the well-being of the workforce.

Image: Bosch

The Expert SDS Clean Plus range is designed specifically for tradies who use SDS bits from drilling into and chiselling concrete. What sets this range apart is its integrated approach to dust extraction.

Equipped with the innovative SDS Clean Connector, the system allows for seamless connection to a dust extractor, minimising airborne particles at the source. This ensures that the air remains as clean as possible during the drilling or chiselling process, making the jobsite safer for everyone involved.

Image: Bosch

Chipping away

Both the Plus-8X and chiselling attachments provide massive upgrades to their respective applications.

The PLUS-8X sports a 4-cutter full carbide tip which makes punching into concrete a cinch and while reducing jamming. Its steel pipe is easy to clean and utilises the best in Bosch welding technology making it more than capable at handling concrete.

Image: Bosch

The chiselling attachments work with most dust extractors and have an extendable adaptor to allow for maximum dust extraction.

The Bosch Expert SDS Clean for Chiselling bits offers significant advantages for efficient and clean work. This tool features up to 25 times better dust reduction*, thanks to the efficient Bosch Particle Control, which ensures that dust is removed effectively from the work area. It includes an extendable adapter that guarantees maximum dust extraction, enhancing the overall safety and cleanliness of the work environment.

Moreover, both attachments are designed for convenience, with the chiselling adapter boasting a five times quicker installation process compared to other systems, allowing users to save time and reduce hassle. Tradies can complete their tasks more effectively and get on with the job without delay.

Clean sweep

The Bosch Expert SDS Clean Plus Range represents a significant advancement in demolition technology. It addresses the critical issue of dust control and offers a powerful tool for improving job site health and efficiency. As more industries recognise the importance of environmental and occupational health, Bosch’s initiative sets a high standard, paving the way for future safety innovations in the construction and demolition sectors.

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