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How this torch brings the heat for tradies

If you hadn’t already heard, Hot Devil has the hottest blow torches in town.  And the HD032 Trade Map Twin Torch Kit is no exception.

This torch kit includes two high quality burner tubes specifically designed to give you the ability to braze, silver solder, pre-heat metals for welding and other heat-based work, as well as complete soft soldering and other more delicate jobs, all with the one torch.

Image: Hot Devil

A quick glance at the solid brass internals on the hand piece and you know this torch has been built tough for the trades, and unlike some other torches with their under-sized handles, the longer handle featured on the HD032 Trade Map Twin Torch Kit allows you to say goodbye to hand-cramps forever! 

Not to mention the easy-start auto ignition, which incorporates a clever “ignition lock on/off” switch and adjustable gas flow valve, which all means (yep, you guessed it), using this torch makes any job a breeze. 

Both burner tubes can swivel up to 360° and feature brass tips for durability.

The swirl flame burner tube presents a flame that can transfer heat up to 40 per cent faster than conventional blow torches, and the pin-point burner tube provides an incredibly precise flame for more delicate jobs like soft soldering.

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