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Hot Devil’s Professional Blow Torch (HD910)

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Have nuts or bolts that won’t budge, no matter how hard you try? One tried and tested option is to apply direct heat, and the best tool for the job is the Hot Devil Professional Blow Torch.

With a burn temperature of approximately 1350°C, even the most stubbornly seized nuts & bolts are no match.  But that’s only one use for this versatile tool.

It also has the ability to solder, bend plastic conduit and heat shrink electrical tubing.

And that’s not where this great blow torches skills end. It’s also an expert at getting the firepit or pizza oven going, as well as being an excellent food preparation companion!

The Hot Devil Professional Blow Torch comes with a convenient trigger-style automatic ignition, stainless steel burner tube, adjustable flame control, and is light-weight as well as sturdy.

The torch comes ready to use, simply attach the torch head to the butane gas cylinder supplied and away you go.

If you’re in the market for a quality gas torch with these features, then your search is over. The Hot Devil Professional Blow Torch (HD910) is available from all quality retailers and is a must for all toolboxes.

No matter what the job, Hot Devil products will provide premium performance.

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