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Government to increase investment in RTOs

The MPA NSW welcomes the increased spending in industry registered training organisations in the upcoming Government budget announcement.

The Master Plumbers Association (MPA) NSW welcomes the increased spending in industry registered training organisations (RTOs) in the upcoming Federal Government budget announcement.

This significant investment marks a pivotal moment in reducing barriers and fostering growth within the building and construction workforce.

The MPA NSW commends Minister Brendan O’Connor’s pivotal role in securing the government funding.

The CFMEU has also endorsed the Federal Government’s  Budget boost for apprenticeships and traineeships in the construction industry.

As part of the package announced on Wednesday, the government will fund an additional 15,000 fee-free construction TAFE and VET places over two years from 2025.

“This investment will mean more apprentices and trainees will get the training they need to build critical housing and infrastructure that Australia desperately needs,” CFMEU National Secretary Zach Smith said.

“Our union’s training organisations have an impressive record of helping more Indigenous workers and women find construction jobs, so more support will make a real difference.”

MPA NSW appreciates the Federal Government’s proactive approach to tackling workforce shortages, a longstanding challenge within the industry.

Minister O’Connor’s advocacy to have the Treasury allocate funding to support RTOs like Master Plumbers NSW Training demonstrates a strong commitment to capacity building and skill development.

“As an essential pillar of the building and construction sector, the Master Plumbers Association NSW is thrilled by the government’s recognition of the critical role played by industry RTOs,” CEO of MPA NSW Nathaniel Smith said.

“This funding will enable us to further our mission of training and nurturing the next generation of plumbers, ensuring a skilled and competent workforce for years to come.”

The investment in RTOs is a testament to MPA NSW’s ongoing commitment to excellence in training and education.

By providing accessible and high-quality training programs, MPA NSW continues to contribute to the industry’s growth and sustainability.

MPA NSW looks forward to collaborating with the government and industry stakeholders to maximise the impact of this funding and address the evolving needs of the building and construction workforce.

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