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Four reasons tradies should pick Renault Trafic

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There are few vehicles on Aussie roads that get the job done quite like Renault Trafic.

Tradies who put in the hard yards every day need a van that can keep up. Whether it’s carrying a big load, serving as a mobile office or providing the latest in safety and tech, there are four major reasons tradies can trust Trafic above the rest.

Absolutely loaded

Someone working solo – or with a small team – needs a vehicle that can carry all their tools, materials and equipment. Look no further than Renault Trafic, which sports a best-in-class load length of up to 4.15m.

With both long and short wheelbase options and a maximum cargo area of 6.7m³, Trafic ensures that tradies have ample space and versatility to keep all their tools, equipment, and materials easily accessible.

Image: Renault

Should tradies need to tie something down or plug something in, Trafic has up to 14 anchoring points and a 12v power socket to look after them in this regard as well.

Getting gear into enclosed or roofed areas can be a pesky obstacle for tradies. There’s nothing worse when they rock up to a job and have to haul things back and forth because their ride can’t fit.

Trafic’s height of 1.97m is hard to beat for that.

On-the-go comfort

You’d think all that storage space would compromise Trafic’s comfort. Think again. The latest edition makes improvements in ergonomics, design, and finishes, to offer a professional, luxury car-like feel.

Tradies aren’t always on the tools, and Renault has fitted out Trafic with all the facilities they need to do paperwork and check emails.

Trafic’s modular seating allows for various configurations, including a mobile office so tradies can have everything at their fingertips.

Speaking of fingertips, Trafic has all the latest tech to ensure tradies aren’t wanting for accessibility. The eight-inch easy link touchscreen includes features like wireless Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, Bluetooth, DAB+, and USB connectivity, ensuring that tradies  stay in control and connected wherever their  job takes them.

Image: Renault

Ultimate workhorse

But the appeal goes beyond just capacity and comfort.

Trafic makes sure tradies aren’t constantly ducking into fuel stations to top up, with its best in class driving range, thanks to a combination of economical fuel consumption (6.5L/100km) and large fuel tank.

This means less time – and money – spent at the bowser and more time on the tools and earning that bread. Backed by a large 80L tank and a powerful 2.0L turbocharged engine, Trafic provides the stamina for a full day going between jobs.

Uncompromising safety

Renault also breaks out the top-of-the-line safety so tradies can trust their ride.

Safety is a top priority for Renault with this van – featuring 10 driving assistance systems including adaptive cruise control, lane-departure warning, car-to-car Active Emergency Braking Systems.

It also has blind-spot monitoring, tyre-pressure warning, traffic-sign recognition, electric folding door mirrors, and front and rear parking sensors.

Image: Renault

This ensures not only efficiency but also a worry-free driving experience.

Trafic has all the features and functions tradies need to unlock a new level of efficiency. It is the ultimate companion for tradies on the job, starting from $49,000 before on-road costs.

Tradies, don’t miss out on the opportunity to enhance your business with Renault Trafic.

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