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Expo for women in trades back on for 2024

Women trades

Girls and non-binary students can learn about exciting careers in trades and tech at The Trades Fit expo in 2024.

Last year, 2,493 girls and non-binary students from 120 schools came to The Trades Fit expo. There were 85 booths from different industries, and they had fun stuff to do, like hands-on activities and cool tech displays.

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It’ll be held at the Melbourne Convention Centre, hosted by Victoria’s Department of Education, and it’s all about showing you the many cool job opportunities in fields that are typically male-dominated.

The expo covers a lot of jobs, like building and construction, electrical work, plumbing, automotive, clean energy, and even cool things like gaming and robotics. It’s a chance for students to learn about jobs you might not have thought about before.

“[I liked] how wide the range of exhibits were and how positive and open the people were to talk and explain things,” one student said.

Learning and leaping

After going to the expo, almost half of the students (46 per cent) thought about doing a job in trades, and more than half (51 per cent) got interested in trades and tech jobs. Even the teachers, 95 per cent of them, said they are now more likely to suggest trades and tech jobs to their female and non-binary students.

“The expo was solely dedicated to girls and non-binary [students], very engaging and interactive. Presenters very informative. Loved everything about it,” one teacher said.

The Trades Fit expo is a safe and welcoming place where you can talk to female tradies, apprentices, and people from different industries. You’ll get to see that there are cool jobs for everyone, no matter your gender.

If you’re a girl or non-binary person curious about jobs in trades and tech, don’t miss The Trades Fit expo in 2024.

The expo will be held at the Melbourne Convention Centre on May 8 and 9. For more information email or visit

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