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Dy-Mark’s Spray & Mark

Dy-Mark Spray & Mark is the ultimate writing tool for all your marking solutions.

The range offers a multitude of features and benefits that sets it apart from other marking paints in the market. Due to its high pigment concentration, Spray & Mark provides high opacity and highly visible marks.

Image: Dy-Mark Australia

Featuring 16 colours to choose from, including seven fluorescent options, Spray & Mark provides the end user with colour options to mark effectively on various surfaces such as concrete, bitumen, steel, and timber. From construction to surveying and civil works, markings will stand out with high vibrancy.

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Spray & Mark is a high-performance marking paint designed for efficiency and reliability. With a drying time of approximately 5 minutes at 25°C, it aims to deliver quick and effective results. It provides coverage of up to 120m and produces 200 ‘X’ marks. Spray & Mark’s specifically designed spray pattern makes it suitable for spot marking and writing applications.

Safety and compliance are prioritised, as the product is free from heavy metals like lead and cadmium. Additionally, the compatibility with Dy-Mark Long Arm Handle and Dy-Mark 2-Wheel Spot Marking Handle ensures an ergonomic and user-friendly marking experience, adding convenience to its list of advantages.

Image: Dy-Mark Australia

Spray & Mark is the ultimate writing tool that stands out in terms of its colour range, versatility, opacity, quick-dry feature, and durability. From construction to surveying and civil works, this range is the go-to solution for creating highly visible marks.

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