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Carpentry Australia lends a Helping Hand in NSW

Carpentry Australia led the charge to give back to a generous Sydney sider as part of its Helping Hands initiative.

Anne-Marie has dedicated her life to helping others in her local community, so Channel 7’s Sunrise and Carpentry Australia assembled a team to renovate her patio.

Image: Carpentry Australia

The initiative saw tradie teams from across Sydney (and Victoria) as well as suppliers pitch in to give Anne-Marie’s exterior a fresh look.

The front and back deck and pergola were completely re-done, along with fresh landscaping and a refurbished veggie garden.

Image: Carpentry Australia

One tradie helping out was Felicity Pettiford aka The Sydney Builder Chick, who said via Instagram she felt privileged to be able to take part.

“To be able to attend the Sydney Helping Hand Day along side with Carpentry Australia and so many amazing companies that also attend to help achieve to get all the work completed within the week,” she said.
“Words can’t explain how much joy it brought to all of us to be able to work together as a team to give back to this person who has dedicated there time and energy into the community, to be able to give back to them was so heart feeling for everyone.”

Image: Carpentry Australia

Here’s who helped out:


  • Aria Carpentry
  • Legacy Gardens
  • Sydney Builder Chick
  • Kraft Crew
  • SMD Projects
  • Solo Builds
  • Austek Roofing & Cladding


  • Intergrain
  • NSW Timber & Hardware
  • Allcott Hire
  • Simba Car Hire
  • IMAR Insurance
  • Buildex
  • Selleys
  • Tradie Wraps
  • Wood Solutions
  • The Tradie magazine
  • Fork ‘n’ Easy
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