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Brendan from Render Lines shares his secret recipe

Brendan Roberts has been in the cementing biz for nearly 20 years.

Based in Manly Vale, Sydney – he owns Render Lines – a cement and acrylic rendering business.

“We do a bit of everything, but mainly we’re working on residential,” Brendan said.

“I’ve done plenty of high-end homes, mansions, big jobs, small jobs – everything really.”

One thing that separates Brendan and his business from the competition is that he uses traditional rendering methods using sand and cement.

“Basically we use sand and cement to make a ‘clay’ and we use some additives in the rendering to strengthen the mud (render),” he said.

“It’s the best method for strengthening the mud.”


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Still rendering

From sand/cement, acrylic and colour textured renders, Brendan’s go-to is Cement Australia.

Brendan trusts the quality of products produced by Cement Australia –  an Australian-based company that’s manufactured on Aussie soil since 1890.

For his work, Brendan mainly uses Cement Australia’s General Purpose Cement, Rapid Set Concrete, Off-White Cement and Clay.

“I’ve been using Cement Australia products for a while,” Brendan said.

“The premium texture of Cement Australia’s products and the ease-of-use are really great.

“If you want to pour something through glass for example, you’re gonna need something that’s smooth and creamy that won’t crack it.”


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