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Brad “bloody loves” his painting, here’s why

You’d think after 19 years of painting, Brad White would be sick of it. As we find out, that couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Brad didn’t initially want to be a painter when he was young. He didn’t really enjoy high school, so he decided he’d do an apprenticeship.

“I didn’t really enjoy school, so my mum made me go out and find a job,” he said.

“I wanted to be a chippy … there was a painting apprenticeship that popped up, so I did that and the rest is history.”


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A bit on

After his apprenticeship, Brad continued to work with his boss for another 7ish years.

But there came a time where Brad’s workload – paired with a few momentous occasions – that required him to reevaluate where he was at in his career.

Image: Supplied by Brad White

“I got married and built our first home, then had a baby on the way. It all started going to my head – I was working seven days a week,” he said.

“I felt like I was already doing a lot of the work fairly well on my own

“Not being able to spend weekends with my baby – I decided I’d be better going out on my own, so I gave it a crack.

“If it fell through, I knew I could go back to my old boss – he was great and would welcome me back with open arms.”

All this was during 2020 – the peak of COVID. Sufficed to say, Brad was a little stressed by everything that was
going on.

Image: Supplied by Brad White

“Everything happened during COVID between building the home, the baby and starting the business – it was pretty stressful,” he said.

“It was a decent risk, but I haven’t really looked back. You never know unless you have a crack.

“I’ve established a good clientele, and have a handful of builders I’ve developed a good relationship with.

“I can’t complain – it has its ups and downs, but that’s life.”

Great White

Having the last name White made picking a name for Brad’s business a piece of cake.

“My last name’s White so I felt like I had to come up with a catchy name – so we went with Prime White Painting,” he said.

Prime White Painting operates in Geelong, around the Bellerine Peninsula and Surf Coast areas offering internal painting, external painting, wallpapering, feature walls … you name it.

“We do a lot of custom and new homes,” Brad added.

“We’ve got a good system all-round, we don’t really do too much commercial stuff.”

One thing Brad’s always looking to do is develop his craft, and is always looking to new and innovative fields he can paint in.


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“Once you start, you can’t bloody stop. It’s all I’ve known – going from high school to painting,” he said.

“I really do enjoy my job – I love painting. Seeing a project from the start to after you’ve worked on it … it’s awesome.

“Anyone can pick up a bucket, roller and a brush and do a wall, but learning about using different products on different surfaces, learning about wallpapering and artisanal concrete finishes and even plastering – you learn about all these avenues so you’re constantly adding more strings to your bow.”

An extra coat

Brad is only a relatively new member of the Master Painters Association of Victoria/Tasmania

While Prime White Painting is a newer member, Brad said his business has benefitted tremendously from joining the association.

“They’re very responsive and explain a lot … you can tell Master Painters is on your side,” he said.

“The kinds of services and deals they offer … if you’re ever stuck with something, it’s good to have a group that’s there for painters.”

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