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All smiles with Dave Malone and SMD Projects

From Bespoke builds, to concrete creativity, chippy Dave Malone’s resume is teeming with top tier projects. But what’s the main thing for him and his team and SMD Projects is having fun.

Dave’s been a carpenter in Melbourne for about 15 years. He started tradie life as a labourer, but saw the value in becoming qualified.


“One day, I saw the chippies were having fun,” Dave said.

“I liked the kind of work they were doing which was framing. I gave them a hand, and from there I decided to get an apprenticeship.”

Image: Carpentry Australia

Cut above

Dave’s worked for himself for the last 10 years as a tradie, but his latest venture is something he’s really excited about.

SMD Projects works on high-end residential renovations and extensions.

“We do the odd new-build once every couple of years, but only when the right job comes along,” Dave said.


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Dave’s full-time crew is small, but elite. It comprises of himself, Anthony ‘Trojan’ Cavanagh and Coralie Stuart. Dave added that he’ll occasionally bring on other carpenters when needed.

But between the trio, there’s plenty of tradie talent.

Built for the job

Dave is a huge supporter of Carpentry Australia. He first noticed their handywork on Insta, and decided he wanted a slice
of what they were having.

“I saw they were showcasing a lot of awesome work, and then I Googled them, became a member,” he said.

“Before I knew it, I was one of their Champions of the Industry, then I just saw the events they had.

“I just kept going to events and participating in those, all the guys there are absolutely awesome.”

Find out more about SMD Projects at smdprojects.com.au or @smd_projects

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