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Alemlube has a light for every need

Alemlube Australia

ALEMLUBE markets an impressive range of LED work lights to see you through the challenges of illuminating workspaces in all environments and under all conditions.

The LED work lights range begins with a handy and convenient pocket light for when you’re caught in the dark and is the most convenient & essential work light available for on-the-spot inspection anytime, anywhere.

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In your pocket & always ready for action, the 20033 has a direct beam top light, a main light with ECO & full power modes, USB charging, a magnet on the back & base and the versatility of 360º rotation.

The range tops out with the Alemlube 20055 Flood Light, the ultimate work light providing superior illumination for many applications in workshops, factories, around the home and for outdoor use on site. Any one of three brightness levels can
be selected giving up to 9.5 hours of use before recharging is required.

Furthermore, the 20055 also features an intelligent charge indicator, a 180° adjustable stand for multi-purpose use and
a robust aluminium structure ensuring reliable performance and longevity.

Positively Beaming

Tight and difficult to reach spaces are no longer a problem as now they can be easily accessed with two Alemlube slimline work lights. The 20088 LED Slimline Work Light, being only 11mm thin, is the ultimate workshop inspection light to reach into tight and restricted spaces.

Complete control over brightness is achieved by turning a step less dimming switch for the level of illumination suitable for your specific job at hand. Lightweight & ergonomic design principles of the 20077 LED Slimline Work Light ensure ease of
use with long runtimes available from two light sources.

The 20077 features a main light with two brightness levels, a top light, a strong magnet on the base, Li-ion battery and a practical 120° adjustable handle.

Alemlube Australia lights the way

Of particular interest is the Alemlube 20066N2 LED & UV Inspection Light that has been designed, developed & manufactured specifically for providing valuable assistance when undertaking close inspection work under & around vehicles and other applications requiring well-lit detailed inspection.

The UV light is ideal for detecting ultraviolet leak detection dye used in vehicle air conditioning systems. Featuring two light sources, the 20066N2 has two strong magnets (back & base), two-fold away hanging hooks and has a 180º adjustable handle for absolute versatility.

Providing long term viability and peace of mind, every Alemlube LED work light is designed and manufactured ensuring high moisture intrusion and impact resistance ratings to protect and enhance reliability and longevity for the user operating in all services and trades.

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