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Adelaide university develops silica-free stone alternative

silica stone

The University of Adelaide has developed a true silica-free alternative to the engineered stone.

The initiative is being ran alongside SilkSurface in the wake of silica-based stone being banned in Australia.

“We can confirm that this product has been proven 100 per cent silica-free through independent testing undertaken by the University of Adelaide’s School of Public Health,” SilkSurface’s Ben Scott said.

Ben added the company and the university had been working on an alternative to silica-based stone for some time before Australia’s decision for a nationwide ban.

“The fact is that customers want a quality product which looks good, which is affordable, and which can be manufactured in a way which is safe for workers,” he said.
“This is an example of industry responding in an innovative way to regulation, and we look forward to getting the product onto shelves in the new year.
“The ban on engineered stone provided industry with opportunities to deliver better products for customers and workers, which is what we have done.”

According to Ben, SilkSurface offers the same feel and and look of silica based manufactured stone. It’s also durable, heat resistant and offers more stain resistance.

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