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A tradie’s guide to Bosch Professional safety

Bosch safety

SAFETY SHOULD be a number-one concern for any employer and employee, Bosch’s tools and accessories employ the best standard of safety thanks to huge advances in innovation and technology.

Bosch Onsite is a team of power tool specialists engaging with businesses directly on site to reduce downtime and maximise productivity. The team is available to head on down to your jobsite to assess safety and provide preventative solutions to ensure you get home safe at the end of each day.

Your tradies are your biggest asset on the job, so it’s vital you make sure they are protected with the safest tools.

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Silica dust remains prevalent in construction, maintenance and repair wherever concrete, brick or tiles are being used. To reduce dust within the workplace, Bosch Professional offers M and H class vacs, selected tool attachments and accessories that meet state regulations in collecting silica dust. Bosch offers more than just the product; Bosch offers the whole solution.


  • Kickback Control immediately shuts off power to the tool, protecting the user and decreasing downtime. Now featured on 40+ Bosch 18V and 240W tools, including grinders, hammers and drills.
  • Vibration Control effectively reduces vibrations felt by the user by up to 60%, protecting the user and decreasing downtime. Featured on Bosch grinders, rotary hammers and demolition hammers
  • Drop Control sensor technology shuts off power if the tool is dropped. Now featured on Bosch 18V Brushless Angle Grinders.
  • Restart protection stops accidental restart if the power is disconnected then reconnected Intelligent Brake System brakes the motor in 1-3 seconds, depending on the tool.
  • Bosch X-LOCK tool-less disc change for angle grinders has a second braking time. Available on 18V and 240W angle grinders.
  • Soft Start allows the tool to start at low RPM and accelerate to a maximum RPM, preventing a sudden jump in the user’s hand.s
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